Monday, March 13, 2017

Political Islam is our Generation's Communism

            Political Islam is our generations communism. Since 2001 the United States has tried to eradicate Muslims who wish to force Political Islam on people; just as, the U.S. tried to defeat communism after the Second World War. The first wars against Political Islam started after September 11 2001 when members of Al-Qaeda, a Political Islamic terrorist group, hijacked airplanes in the U.S. flying them into the World Trade Center in addition to the Pentagon. The U.S. war to stop Political Islamic terrorism has been going on for almost 20 years with no end in sight. When Al-Qaeda weakened, the Taliban took its spot; plus, all the other Political Islamic groups wishing to establish Shari Law. There appears to be no end in sight for this war; however, the destruction of the Middle East by the U.S. military and its allies directly correlates with the increased number of Political Islamic terrorist attacks in the West. Under President Donald Trump the U.S. military has already started to increase the numbers of U.S. soldiers in Syria to fight ISIS. No doubt ISIS would not be able to stand up against the military power of the United States in a conventional military battle; however, this war is starting to have similarities to the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war was a war which the US took part in to stop the spread of Communism. The Vietnam war began in 1954 and ended for the US when they withdrew their military in 1973 ( By 1975 Vietnam would be united under communist rule ( During this conflict millions of people were murdered to stop the spread of communism ( This war was sparked by the Vietnamese citizens desire to end French And Japanese colonialization after the Second World War ( The US started the war campaign by performing “regular bombing raids” ( Ironically the war against ISIS started the same way. By the end of the Vietnam war the US would have 500,000 soldiers in Vietnam and were requesting more troops ( With all that man power and bombs the US could not eradicate the communist in South Vietnam the area were the US had the most influence. The communist fighters in the south were referred to as Viet Cong; and, their guerilla warfare allowed them to defeat the strongest military in the world. The guerilla warfare is something groups like ISIS has at its advantage, since they are not represented by a government; and have no country colors they can be anyone. Fighting a war like this cannot be won by conventional military tactics. If anything, Political Islam will die out just as Communism. Better ideas will provide better alternatives. For instance, the US never had to go to war with the Soviet Union it collapsed. The same will happen to less tolerant versions of Political Islam. The wider its reach the weaker it will grow crumbling from the pressure of strong willed people who will challenge oppressive ideas.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mother Russia and Uncle Sam

The United States along with other countries throughout history have secretly plotted to influence other countries. The latest accusations that Mother Russia has influenced Uncle Sam’s elections is not surprising; however, what appears to be unfolding is Russia’s influence on top officials. One member of the President’s cabinet has been fired because of the exposure of his deception. General Michael T. Flynn who was the National Security Advisor to Donald Trump met with Russian officials to discuss Sanctions placed on Russia by President Obama. Flynn lied about his interactions with Russian officials. Now President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been exposed.  Session has also misled U.S. officials about his meeting with Russian officials. It is starting to appear as if there is more to Russia’s involvement in U.S. elections than what we know. Is Donald Trump involved in a Russian Scheme to influence Uncle Sam’s politics; or is Trump an innocent bystander caught in a political storm? It is not far from reality that both of these countries are covertly trying to undermine the other; while looking for ways to cooperate with each other. So far there has been no clear evidenced released to prove Russia’s hijacking of the U.S. elections in attempts to stop Hilary Clinton from become the president of the United States. It appears as if this is just a smoke screen worth looking into; however, a smoke screen none the less. Do you believe Russia hijacked the U.S. elections? Or is this a smoke screen not worth looking into? My opinion, Russia is trying to influence the U.S.; however, the U.S. is trying to influence Russia.