Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mother Russia and Uncle Sam

The United States along with other countries throughout history have secretly plotted to influence other countries. The latest accusations that Mother Russia has influenced Uncle Sam’s elections is not surprising; however, what appears to be unfolding is Russia’s influence on top officials. One member of the President’s cabinet has been fired because of the exposure of his deception. General Michael T. Flynn who was the National Security Advisor to Donald Trump met with Russian officials to discuss Sanctions placed on Russia by President Obama. Flynn lied about his interactions with Russian officials. Now President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been exposed.  Session has also misled U.S. officials about his meeting with Russian officials. It is starting to appear as if there is more to Russia’s involvement in U.S. elections than what we know. Is Donald Trump involved in a Russian Scheme to influence Uncle Sam’s politics; or is Trump an innocent bystander caught in a political storm? It is not far from reality that both of these countries are covertly trying to undermine the other; while looking for ways to cooperate with each other. So far there has been no clear evidenced released to prove Russia’s hijacking of the U.S. elections in attempts to stop Hilary Clinton from become the president of the United States. It appears as if this is just a smoke screen worth looking into; however, a smoke screen none the less. Do you believe Russia hijacked the U.S. elections? Or is this a smoke screen not worth looking into? My opinion, Russia is trying to influence the U.S.; however, the U.S. is trying to influence Russia.

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