Wednesday, May 17, 2017

White States Of America

  I think of White nationalist in the West as white knights who believe they are here to save western society. The term white knight is used to describe men who come to the rescue of helpless women, but it is fitting in describing the stance these individuals have taken. In their eyes, white nationalist or more honestly white supremacist, believe they are the only ones who can ensure the survival of western society.  Although this group is splintered among themselves based on ideology, of whether or not to consider Jews as second class humans; and lets not forget the other Europeans that they call liberal snowflakes, White nationalist are seeking to establish what they consider to be white privilege.

  It is great to live in a country where individuals can share their opinions and debate ideas; however, the idea that if White Supremacist ran western civilization it would be better for minority communities and yes the European liberal community as well is psychotic. Beside the belief that the world would be better for all mankind or at least the western world if these individuals were in control  some of their goals are honorable. For instance, the goal to ensure their survival and their history I think should be goals of all of humanity.

  The fact that I can agree with their motivation to preserve their history and to ensure their survival does not make me psychotic enough to believe that a society controlled by these individuals is better than a society in which all people had the privilege to compete for their lot in life. Because what these individuals want to create is a society in which they have privileges that others do not have. This is why we all must come to the table and start the dialogue of what western society will become. There is only two options we face. The first is we continue to strive for a society in which each man is worth as much as the other only separated by the good or bad that he does others; or, a world where members of one group dominate all others in society and enjoy privileges which the excluded do not enjoy.

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